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Here at Ross David Design we have a simple 4 stage process for creating your ideal website design and ongoing website development.
Many designers and developers get carried away with their own ideas and concepts without really knowing what the client wants to achieve.
We feel the most important thing we can do is LISTEN to what you, the client, wants and needs to succeed on the web.

  • Ideas & Concepts

    This is a really done in 2 stages. 1st we listen, then we make our suggestions.

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  • Design & Coding

    Working with the client ensures the design and functionality is as required.

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  • Approval & Launch

    "You only have one chance to make a 1st impression" lets make sure its a good one.

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  • SEO & Development

    Web design doesn't stop at launch.
    Your website needs to develop.

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Ideas & Concepts

There are many websites on the web but they don't always portray the business message across clearly.

This is why we at Ross David Design LISTEN to you the client. By listening we can build a picture of what you want to achieve with your website. This may be online sales, enquiries or just letting people know where you are and what you do.

This isn't to say we sit silently in our North Wales web design studio. We ask questions and make suggestions but the final direction is always your choice. Who knows your business, and the direction you wish to drive it, better than you?

This is why we listen to you.

Ideas & Concepts
Design & Coding

Design & Coding

You see many styles, colour combinations and layouts of websites but what one person finds aesthetically pleasing isn't to somebody else.

Your area of expertise, branding, colour, copy including amount of copy and available imagery all contribute to the choice of layout and design for your website.

These are not the only contributing factors but it gives you an idea of the complexity of the continually changing choices that go into web site design.

Working with your ideas & concepts, designs you like, your goals and targets for the website, we can produce a website that is not only pleasing to look at but functional and successful.

All our new websites are responsive as standard

Responsive Web Design


Approval & Launch

This stage is more important than many people think, including some web designers.

Ensuring everything is how you the client has requested is only a fraction of the factors when planning a launch.

Important aspects to consider include:

  • Is your website ready for your target audience?
  • Has the web site been proof read?
  • Is it a 'soft' launch or a 'hard' launch?
  • Is it to coincide with a new product or service?
  • Are competitors or similar companies launching websites or new services?
  • Is there an SEO strategy in place?
  • Has Digital Marketing strategies been considered?

Prior to launch we endeavour to make sure every aspect has been covered.

Approval & Launch
SEO & Development

SEO & Development

We have all seen the toy boats launched on a local pond blowing aimlessly in the wind. Small children running round not knowing which side the boat will end up.

This is a common fault with the launch of a website. Without prior planning and strategies your web site could be wandering aimlessly around the web with no direction.

Back to the pond and boats... there is always someone who has managed to invest a little bit more and has a remote control. With a realistic SEO strategy and website development this will be like your own remote control.

What if you cant afford that little bit extra? With a bit of thought you can choose the pond that isn't so big that your boat gets lost. With your website this would be to target local searches instead of the whole of the web.

The launch isn't the end of the hard work and this is where our experts shine.

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